How To : Add a " read more " button in blogger


I guess you people pretty much know the "read more" button which is being widely used these days ....why do people use it ?

1. to Have as many posts in the homepage as possible.
2. to make the blog look simple yet sleek .
3. to get more page views .
4. to get more comments .

by having a embedded comment form just below the post area , you can ensure that people comment on your blog more often .

okay this tuorial is going to teach you on how to add the read more button from official blogger itself . no scripts,no template editing, no hacks .

just follow the steps .

1. Be sure you are using the latest or the " new editor " , if you're not using it then Just go to Settings>Basic and change the post editor option to "Updated editor" .

2. here comes the logic part or the fun part actually. while writing the post , all you have to do is insert jump break after a paragraph or after a few lines which you feel must appear in the homepage .

3. after inserting the jump break, continue writing and finish the post and publish!

thats it ! now you're homepage is capable of holding more posts than before ..

TIPS & TRICKS :- just be sure that you hide the "real thing" . i guess you know what i meant . You have to force the reader to click on the "read more" button .
for example , you have a picture of an actress and you decide on blogging it
you start on with the title like " Hot Actress photoshoot " and write some subtitles or intro and you jump break just before the picture appears . this forces the user to click on the " read more" and hence you get more page views and more page views = more $$$$$ .

happy blogging !


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