How To : Add a Drop-Down Menu To Your Blogger Blog


hmm , after seeing so many scripts and so many features, blogger has amazed me with the flexibility it has provided for a user. all you have to remember is that you can do anything in blogger once you start exploring the HTML of your blog, but be sure to save your template before hand so that you can restore it when you mess it up.

Today, i decided to Write this tutorial To add a Drop Down Menu to your blog .

so starting with the basics, just login to your blogger account , select a blog , click on the layout , click on the page elements tab and click on "add a Gadget" button.

now follow the procedure :-

1. Click on HTML/Javascript option (usually the fourth from top)  . click on Add to blog .
2. Copy the Code below and paste it in the gadget area .

<form><select name="menu" onchange="[this.selectedIndex].value,'_blank')"size=1 name=menu>

<option> the Blogger classroom </option>

<!-- change the links Accordingly -->

<option value="">Home page</option>

<option value="">Blogger Widgets</option>

<option value="">Blogger Tricks</option>

<option value="">Blogger Scripts</option>

3. Change the Data in red color accordingly . for example watch the first option , is the linking URL where as Home Page is the Anchor Text . which means that when a suer clicks on Homepage , it redirects to the above URL.
4. Save the Gadget and thats it .
5. Your Blog is now incorporated with a customized Drop down menu !

result :- See the result in the next post
UPDATE :- You can view the Drop down menu HERE


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