How to : Change the link Hover color to Rainbow colors


You might not be understanding this. let me explain it to you .

What is Hover color?

hover color is nothing but the color in which the link turns , when you put your mouse over a link .

Normally it would show  one color on many sites but to make your blog more funky or cool , lets make it  turn into rainbow colors . for example see this :- just hover your mouse over the link Blogger Tutorials

See the change of colors?

Follow the procedure to get this onto your blogger blog .

1. Download this script called Rainbow . ( from here : )
2. Extract the file and host the javascript file (.js file)
3. Note down the URL of the hosted JS file and
4. Make a script source code like this

<script scr='URL'/>

5. Replace the URL with the URL of the hosted JS file.
6. Goto Dashboard > EDIT HTML > and then search for


7. Copy the abover script code just before the </head> code.
8. That's it your blog is ready to shine with rainbow colors


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