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in this article i am going to explain the benefits of blogging with blogger. if you actually knew blogger is a free platform owned by Google and allows people to create their personal pages also known as blog.i know you knew that :p . now talking about advantages , the best thing about blogger or blogspot is nothing but it's free. you can create as many blogs as you wish and it's all damn why not visit blogger and create a blog for yourself huh? ( mind you only after reading this article :) ) blogger comes with a sub-domain like nay other free blogging sites . example : . obviously, you can move your blog to your own domain .

okay let's categorize the advantages of blogger :-

  • it's free 
  • it's user friendly , anyone with basic knowledge can create a blog and continue blogging.
  • easy interface with simple add-on features making it more fun.
  • fast to set-up , takes a minute or two to set-up a new blog.
  • owned by a major company ( Google ), so good ranking in the search engine and other nice features like google analytics, webmasters and picasa ( picture sharing site ) with 1 gb storage . 
  • no bandwidth issues , pictures and videos can be played anytime . 100 % uptime guarenteed
  • easy to monetize your blog using adsense or any other 3-rd party advertising companies.
  • easy to add tabs and widgets at any part of the template.
  • can be exported to your own domain for example :
  • supports mobile blogging and e-mail blogging.
  • templates can be easily tweaked with full access to CSS,XML and HTML. has the function of saving and uploading templates in case something goes wrong.However some knowledge on HTML and CSS is needed .


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