Blogger Vs Wordpress

Many people ask me what's the main difference between Blogger and Wordpress . the concept is so long that i just cant give a single point and say this one is better. for those people, this post could well give the answer .
so, it's time to deeply analyze the two platforms and asses them for their advantages and disadvantages:-

so, lets use Wordpress as WP and Blogger as B . an advantage is colored in Green and disadvantage in Red

1.Installing a blog :-  both blogger and wordpress are quite easy to host or install. it's just an export function for blogger . however hosting companies have come up with this Fantastico script which makes WP hosting so easy and hassle free . where as coming to the free versions , it's just 10 minutes of work for both the platforms to establish a blog and start working on it.

resultWP , B .

2. Advantages of free versions :- blogger is the best free version blogging platform . why do i say it? because it can be installed in just a min or two  and you can get access to all parts of your blog could it be the CSS , widgets or adding Ads to your blog . whereas WP doesn't allow the template to be edited, doesn't allow users to add any 3rd party Javascript/HTML scripts to be added.

result :- WP , B

3. Time to get indexed :- it was noted that Blogger had a greater advantage because Google owns Blogger and it has all the blogs in it's database.create a blogger site and leave it for a week and you'll notice that Google has indexed that page.  however, WP users have to make efforts in making their site visible to google and then get it  indexed.

result :- WP,B

4. Categories/labels :- both are nothing but the same . WP calls them as Categories , Blogger calls them Labels. However categories is said to add to the aesthetic sense of SEO ( searh engine omptimization). it's just that categories has a positive effect where as labels has a nuetral effect on SEO. blogger shouldn't be given red , but when compared WP is better.

result : WP,B

5. Templates :- as you know blogger has tens of thousands of free templates , so does wordpress . as i already said adding templates to WP is only possible in self hosted blogs. so i can't really differentiate  the advantages and disadvantages . both get Green .however WP has A few templates which make the blog look just wonderful

result :- WP, B

6. Plug-ins: no need to say, WP is the king when it comes to plug-ins . you can literally  find thousands of plug-ins which can make life easier where as blogger falls behind as it needs extra bit of coding when it comes to plug-ins.

result :- WP,B

7. Built-in statistics :- WP has a built in code to show the visitor statistics of two days. blogger doesn't have  a built in code but 3rd party codes can be added like Google Analytics , Statcounter and so.

result : WP, B

8. SEO :-  Wordpress is a little ahead at this time in SEO and blogger is a little behind . however a large depends on the action of blogger .

result :- WP, B

9. Flexibility :- a self hosted WP blog is better than self hosted Blogger .WP provides and satisfies all the aspects a webmaster would love to . it can be edited to an extent that you can even screw your blog and you wouldn't know what you just did.

result :- WP, B

Summary :- blogger is more like a fun way of blogging where webmasters can post their ideas online without any hassels,whereas WP is more like a professional Blogging Platform .hope you like the post .

did i overlook any concept? just post them in the comments.i'll try to edit it later on :)


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