How to Change the Favicon of your blog ( blogger )


Tired of seeing the very old and very common  "B" in your address bar? why not change it and make it look funky or creative?

if you don't know whats a favicon , Favicon is a small 16 * 16 pixel image which is displayed in the address bar generally left to the address .. here's a look at it .

this is the favicon of google updated recently.

If you are actually using blogger you get this big orange "B" every time unless a webmaster changes it . you can also change this and make your favicon look funny and creative.

here the way to do it :-

  1. Log in to your blogger account and click on the layout button on the Dashboard for the blog you want to change the favicon.
  2. goto Layout tab and then click on the Edit HTML .
  3. be sure to save your template so that you don't screw your template in case anything goes wrong.

  4. search for the code  </head> using the browser's in-built text search . press ctrl + F for opera and firefox.

  5. paste this code immediately after the tag 

  6. <link href='' rel='shortcut icon' type='image/' />
    <link href='' rel='icon'/>

  7. save your template and now it's time to create your own favicon
  8. visit this site to generate your own favicon 
  9. after generating your own favicon, download it and host it .
  10. you can use host any image to host your .ico files
  11. copy the URL  of the the uploaded favicon .
  12. search for this URL in your template


  14. and replace it with your uploaded URL .
  15. note: if you notice you have to change the default URL two times. and save the template.
That's it , your favorite favicon is viewed by all who visit your blog and no more boring B's


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